Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dallin Likes Jaca

I did a little research on the fruit, Jaca and Acerola that Dallin described eating in one of his emails. The Jaca is a very large fruit that is not originally from Brazil, but it loved the climate of Brazil when it was brought from India. The word jackfruit comes from its Portuguese name, “jaca.” Jaca is a hefty fruit. A medium one is bigger than a watermelon, and heavier. It’s the largest cultivated fruit in the world. To eat jaca, you violently break that thick skin and eat the flesh with your fingers! It can be pretty messy, in a good way. It tastes vaguely like a banana, a strong, slightly sour, fragrant banana.

Acerola is a plant native to Southern and Central America. It produces small edible fruits which strongly resemble cherries.  They are sometimes called Barbados Cherry, Puerto Rican Cherry, and West Indies Cherry. The fruits are widely consumed in South America in fresh and preserved forms.

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