Monday, March 3, 2014

Week of Carnaval

Here's a picture that I found of Dallin and his zone on a sister missionary's blog.  Thanks!

March 3, 2014

Hello Family!

Here we are at the computer once again. Feels like I'm here every day because the time just flies. This week was really just a blur. Seriously.

We started out the week right playing volleyball. It was sweet. We shipped in the Elders from Pina to play with us at our church. The sun here is super hot so we just soaked ourselves with sun screen. We were sweating so bad, but it was great exercise. Something different on pday is always good, but let's just say I'm pretty dang rusty in volleyball. Took a bit to get used to it but we had some good fun and I was sore the next day. Funny what makes you sore while you're a missionary. Not really funny, kind of just pitiful.

Tuesday, My companion and I gave a training to the zone about taking responsibility. It was a really light training and we didn't have much to go off of because literally everyone was sick this week. We kind of just tried to help them to evaluate themselves in a way which they could please God so that the week could be a good one. We talked about independence and prayer and how we should have the desire within us to do our best without being annoyed by our leaders. Then one of the Elders(junior companion) said that we should pick out something that they were doing wrong and teach them ways that they should improve their work. The way he said it was as if our training didn't do anything for him and he wanted us to whip something up right away, in a kind of condescending tone. I kind of chewed him out a bit and said that everyone was sick and that all the missionaries are sisters so we can't do exchanges with them to see how their teaching is, so there was really nothing to evaluate but the numbers (which were super low because everyone was sick). It was just kind of annoying because we stayed up a while that night to try to prepare something good for the zone, and one missionary decided to make the situation awkward for everyone. Just gotta role with the punches. Turns out we went on exchanges with him and his companion that day, and I got stuck with the complainer. I just acted like it didn't happen and we worked like champs.

Oh, This week we went to the airport to renew my visa. Elder Kennedy was there too and guess who his new companion is..... ELDER FERREIRA!   My trainer who was the biggest fubeca ever. Now they have a fubeca companionship haha. They like each other. I guess I could say that Ferreira is a lot cooler when he's not your companion and you can understand what he's saying. When I get off the mish, the last transfer is gonna be sweet. Me, W. Ferreira(my comp right now.), and Kennedy will all leave at the same time. It's gonna be awesome.

This week was carnaval so we had to get home by 5 every day. Carnaval messes everything up. We're in the church right now because of carnaval. All the computer places are closed and there are tons of drunk people dressed like clowns in the street. We've heard some pretty bad stories about missionaries getting harassed by people in the street during carnaval. We're safe. I would just hate to hit someone for harassing me. It would be unfortunate for them.

WE BAPTIZED AGAIN THIS WEEK. Her name is Neuma. She's 50 I think and her son is a less active member. She was super excited this week for her baptism. She likes to talk a lot and joke around so it's always a relief to go to her house when we've had some heavy lessons. She always tells us that there's something different about us and that we always say what she needs to hear. It's really good to hear stuff like that from the people we teach because it lets us know that The Spirit works through us. So we baptized her on Sunday and it was just great. Her son was there and so was her sister who's not a member(yet)... She was kind of sad before the baptism because she was without her contacts so she couldn't see all the things she wanted. WE told her to pay attention to her feeling and not her vision and it helped her out a lot. There's nothing better than helping someone start over.

I think that's it fam. The work is going well and everything is good here. I'm happy and healthy and doing the Lord's work. Nothing better.

Elder Dallin Stephen Carroll

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