Monday, May 5, 2014

A Couple of Baptisms

April 28, 2014

Well then, there goes another week..

This week was good. We baptized 2 young ladies by the names of Márcia and Weurilaine.

Márcia was pretty hard to baptize. First of all, she's 14 so she had to go to church for 3 months straight... and second of all, her parents are a little bit crazy... well mainly just her mom. Her mom was giving her a hard time because she is 14 and she makes little mistakes. Sometimes she goes out without asking... sometimes she wears things that her mom doesn't like... sometimes she wears a lot of makeup... So every time we went there she couldn't get baptized because she did little things that her mom didn't like. Her mom also said that baptism doesn't have a point if you don't change your attitude... We assured her that repentance exists and that Márcia would be OK. And that we have an interview with requirements that have to be met for the person to be baptized. We said we would prepare her for the interview and that if she passed she could get baptized... and that's what happened. Yes! It was really satisfying because she had been wanting to get baptized but never could because of the 15 years old rule.

Weurilaine(interesting name, I know)  Worisson´s sister who just turned 13. Worisson is 18 and his mom is an inactive member. She got baptized when she was 13 and went inactive some years after. She said that Weurilaine could only get baptized when she was 13 because that's when she was baptized. We had never met her nor seen her the whole time we've been in this area, but miraculously 2 days after her 13th birthday, we met her in the street. Coincidence? Nope. The Lord literally puts people in our paths. She had always wanted to be baptize but her mom never let her so she gave up. The first lesson we taught to her(with her mom) was really good. The Lord helped us out a lot with what we were saying to the mom and Weu. Her mom kept saying that she was done with church and that she was fine with her daughter getting baptized but she was just done with church. The Spirit didn't take no for an answer. We talked about eternal families and the temple and her being an example for her daughter and her son who is preparing to go on a mission. She acknowledged the fact that we were super right and agreed to go through with returning to church. Reactivation complete. During the week we even taught Weu with Bispo Gustavo and he set up an interview with the mom. Everything just fell into place with the whole family.

So basically our whole week was just knocking on doors(with zero results) and preparing our baptisms for Sunday. We taught them all the commandments and they were clean. The baptism was sweet. There were a lot of people there to support... including the girls families. Márcia's parents were there and liked church a lot. The mom said that it was well organized and peaceful. Weu´s mom was there and did her temple interview with Bispo right after the baptism. I sang "i need thee every hour". Baptizing is awesome. It's like winning a race or scoring a goal. Its the best thing ever on the mission cause you know you helped someone change their life for good. Our zone baptized 5 people this week and the mission baptized 32! We tripled our numbers from last week and we have 6 more people to baptize in the zone this week. We'll see if everything goes through. The Lord will help us out.

Some funny things this week:
So we taught some chicks from the Assembly and they weren't accepting anything we taught and were telling us how strict and great their church was so we left. As we were walking away we hear a girl's voice, ´´Delicia!!.... Gostoso!!´´(delicious...tasty) ..... So much for being super strict and being "Women of God"..
Then another time my comp said Goodnight to a lady in the street and she walked past and said, ´´boa noite meu amor..... delicia...´´ She walked away with an evil grin on her face. I swear the women are just out to get the missionaries here...

I've never eaten so much horrible fish in my life because of Easter.

Yesterday we went to teach a lady who is the mom of someone in the ward.  We taught her about the Book of Mormon, and there were 2 Catholic ladies there and an Assembly Pastor.  Everyone was talking about the 12 tribes of Israel when we got there. So we used it as a perfect opportunity to talk about the "other sheep not of this fold"... and the pastor ran away... but we were talking about the link between the Bible and the Book Of Mormon and everyone ended up arguing about random stuff. Out of nowhere one of the ladies asked if she could do something.... we said uhhh sure. She stood up and went behind us. I thought she was gonna get something but as we taught she put one hand on my back and one on Ferreira´s and Ferreira asks, "What are you doing???"..."I'm saying a prayer"...."you didn't say you were gonna say a prayer!"  hahaha she got up and sat back down... it was weird.... Then when we left her with the Book Of Mormon and testified she said she would read and pray. But afterward she said that God told her that she needed to hug me.... The Sister from the ward flipped and said "nooooo they can't hug women!"  It was bizarre but that's life as a missionary. Despite the fact that it was a weird moment, I felt the Spirit testifying strongly through me as I said things about the Book Of Mormon that I'd never said before. That we need to pray and read as if we don't know anything else. Then the Spirit can convert the person.

Well that's all folks.... So I'm planning on Skyping with Mom on Saturday so we'll talk in a few days! Christ lives!

Elder Dallin Stephen Carroll

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