Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dog Bite

 (Not sure whose glasses Dallin has on...he doesn't wear glasses!)
August 26, 2013 
Alright peops. This week has been another fast one without a baptism. It happens but we keep on with the keeping on. 
Monday we went to this city called Alto da Mora. It's this city where all the clay dolls in Recife come from. They send all these clay dolls to all of the tourist attractions in Pernambuco. It was cool to see how they made them. We went to this museum called the House of the Master. Apparently where everything started with this clay doll craze. It was a hut and I wasn't that impressed, but all the other people seemed excited so I just went with it. haha. We got back home and had an FHE (Family Home Evening)  at the Bishop's house. Of course there was cake there.
Tuesday we went to district meeting like we always do. I was assigned to talk about our relationship with members and how we can milk the references out of them at our lunch appointments. These past few weeks at lunch, Me and Elder Doyel have been singing "Families can be together forever". So I sang it to my district and asked everyone what they thought during the hymn. Of course everyone said they thought about their families and as missionaries they thought about the people who don't have the temple blessings. YET. This hymn gets everyone. The members always think really hard after we sing because they know about the blessings that come from the gospel and it helps them to want to share these blessings with others. Sometimes they even cry! That's when you know you've got em. 
Some weird/funny things that happened this week:
Well I got bit by a dog. I thought it would never happen because they always just bark in the road and we walk by tranquilo. Leading up to... the accident, I had a feeling that something was going to happen.  It was just that feeling. I can't describe it. All I can say is that it was the Holy Ghost. So we turned the corner and there was this dog in front of it's house without a rope just barking up a storm. Super normal believe it or not. But in my mind I was like, "Dang it, this is the thing that was gonna happen. Dang it... I'm gonna get bit... Ope... Yup... He bit me..."  I wasn't even surprised when it happened. I was just kind of mad that I didn't kick it as hard as I could. The dog ripped my pants a bit but it's teeth didn't dig in or anything. It was just stupid and I didn't have chance to kick it because it came from behind and ran a way right after. We were with Caio when it happened and we just laughed about it afterwards. I reeeeaaallllyy wanted to kick it on the way back but I didn't get the chance. Now all the members know and always say "Look out for the dogs in the road!"....yeah.
So the sisters in our zone had something weird happen to them this week. That super crazy guy that they baptized totally snapped. They woke up one morning and heard a sound at they're front door. They went to go check it out and they found a bunch of posters and letters from Isaias... the crazy guy. All over these things he wrote that he sinned and that he would never be able to see the sisters again and that he wanted them to live with him. The sisters were just super freaked out so Doyel went there with José to go check it out. President was super mad and said something like,  "If this individual doesn't get his act straight were gonna throw him in jail." This morning Isais did the same thing but it was better this time. He wrote that he wanted to change and repent again. This. Guy. Is. Crazy.
The other day we were walking back from doing an interview and this dude stopped us in the street. From a long ways away he looked like he had a balled spot on the top of his head but when we got closer we realized that it wasn't. It was this weird egg-shaped growth popping out of his hair. It was sooooo distracting. I couldn't talk to him without looking at it. But this dude asked us about our missions and we start getting into doctrine stuff and the difference between each church. I lost patience with him because he was just talking about stuff that really doesn't make sense so I stopped talking. But Doyel doesn't know when to stop. We were late for a lunch and we were sitting there talking about nothing! I shook his hand and said pleased to meet you and we left. The dude said he was baptized but was kicked out because of some drama between him and the Bishop. We later found out from the sisters that he threatened to kill the Bishop. 
Wellinton and Gleici.
This is a married couple we've been teaching for the past couple weeks. We met Wellinton in the road on Father's day. He was playing soccer with his son and we thought that was cool so we talked to him and got his address. The first time we taught them it was just Wellinton. He doesn't know how to read but his wife does so we were hoping that he would give the Book Of Mormon to her for them to read together. The next time we went back, we met Gleice and they had read the BOM and liked it! It was pretty exciting. They are really good people and are ready for the gospel. We gave them the Restoration DVD and went back just to say hi and they had watched it. They're loving everything and are progressing like bosses.
This is Caio´s grandma. She lives with their drunk uncle and just is a nice old lady who likes to drink coffee. Every other word she uses is God and Jesus, so I'm pretty sure she believes in god. But I think she has problems hearing because she always acts like she's listening but she's not. But she's progressing and we set a date for her to be baptized. We talked about coffee and she got all riled up. "Coffee is a plant from God!!!"  Yeah so is weed, but you don't see us smoking it..... We'll talk about coffee later with her. 

Junior and Gleice.
So we got this reference from the other ward because a family that lives in our ward went to that ward. Score. We were told by this member from the other ward not to mention the word "baptism" to this guy. I was a bit worried as to how the family would be... If the dad would be one of those dudes from the Assembly of God who would want to argue every single point that we would bring up.  But it was the exact opposite. We got there and instantly we were joking around. The guy is HUGE. Apparently he's been looking for a church for a while and is looking to improve his life and set an example for his daughter. We taught the first lesson and the Spirit was felt very strongly. Gleice cried and was holding her daughter´s hand during the first vision and then I started choking up while I was teaching about it. The family loved the message and we'll be back there this week to baptize the heck out of them! It was probably the best lesson I've taught so far. My Portuguese is becoming flawless in lessons and I've really learned to teach so that people understand and pay attention.

Kids in the street playing soccer.

The other night we were on the bus and this kid comes and sits by us and asks us what ward we're serving in. So we knew he was a member. So we got to talking and I find out that he really lives in Paraiba and knows Brandon! It was sweet. So we took a pick with him.

Well I think I just about wrote about everything that happened this week. This Gospel is the truth! No matter what anyone says about it, the Gospel will never cease to be true, and Jesus Christ will never stop being our Savior. Love you all! Have a good week!!

Elder Dallin Stephen Carroll
These cute little girls were selling bottle caps...Dallin bought some and got their Mother's address so he could teach her.
Blurry picture but, this is one of the guys that knows Brandon (Dallin's new brother-in-law who served his mission in Brazil.)

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