Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Life of a Missionary

September 3, 2013

Sweet. This week was super fast. I know I say this a lot but the time is just flying. The weeks feel like days!
Monday was pday and we did absolutely nothing. I loved it. This sister in the ward called us and said that she was having problems with her husband and wanted us to do something to help. We always get distress calls from people who think we can do more than just give a message and say a prayer. We have limits but sometimes we are expected to solve problems that we're not qualified/allowed to deal with. We went to their house and did an FHE(family home evening).
The past couple weeks we've been teaching this girl who works as a cobradora on the bus.(the person who takes your money and passes you through) She's young and cool and easy to teach. I think Education has something to do with how easy someone is to teach. Everything made sense to her in the first lesson. She said, "So you're telling me that if I read and pray that I'll get an answer and want to be baptized?"  Yes, that's exactly what we're saying. It was a piece of cake.
We've been teaching this 16 year old kid. We met him in front of his house when we met some kids playing in the street. We gathered everyone together and taught the first lesson. He's pretty legit. He's super thin and he has a tattoo with his mom's name on his arm. We taught his mom one day and asked her for her name.  He yelled from the kitchen, "Did you not see the tat on my arm the other day?" It was funny. We taught him alone one day and got him really thinking. We marked him for baptism. He was really thinking during the lesson, but he wouldn't tell us what he was thinking. Later some less active member girls in the street told us that he smokes weed and is a criminal. All the more reason to throw him in the water and change his life!
We found this chick named Ariandne on the side of the road. One day as we walked by we said hi to her and she gave us on interested look so we went back and started teaching her. As we were teaching her, her neighbor popped her head out he window and asked  "Can I participate?" The more the merrier!! Ariandne looked super interested and I think was really spiritually touched, while djure, her neighbor was just there for information/to speak English. She's from the adventista(don't know how to translate) and is an intellectual. We get those sometimes and we have to break them out of their shell.
We found this lady this week. We were doing some contacts and Doyel saw someone he had already taught so we tried to teach her. She didn't have time so she led us to someone who did. There was a group of moleques(dudes in the street) and a mom standing under this tree talking. We taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the mom just ate it up. It was funny.. Doyel started the lesson and they started talking about Portuguese and she told her son, "Doyel knows a little bit of Portuguese but this blonde guy over here doesn't understand almost nothing." "No senhora, I understand just about everything"... It was funny. Sometimes people get surprised when I open my mouth to speak. We taught her another time and she really liked the lesson. She told us about her husband that took his own life. We told her God would judge him and that God knows what's going on in the hearts of his children. Then she promised that she would go to church and assured us that we didn't need to pass by to get her. Sunday we passed by just to make sure. She wasn't home and we got disappointed. Then on the way to church, we saw her waiting in front of a member's house we always pass by to bring people to church. She was wearing a white dress and white shoes, which made the surprise of her getting herself ready and waiting for us look that much more miraculous. haha. We marked her for baptism, but she wanted to pray and think about it more to make the decision. She's as good as baptized.
This week in church we taught the Gospel Principles class. We talked about talents and how we can develop/discover them. We went around the room and asked everyone what their talents were. So when I said I liked to sing everyone pressured the crap out of me to sing a song. So I sang "Come Thou Fount" and it was cool. I forgot the words, but that's OK because the only one there who spoke English was my comp.
So in general, the work in this area is just going, And the time is just flying. I try to write in my journal every day not to forget the good stuff but sometimes there's just no time. We just wake up, work, get home, take a bucket shower(the hot water is broken so we heat up water on the stove and throw it in a bucket), and go to bed.
The life of a missionary......Next week is transfers and Doyel is going home. His parents are coming to get him so we'll be going to Recife on Friday to meet up with them. be woI'll rking with another companionship for the weekend and then I'll get my new companion on Monday. I'll be District Leader too, which will be interesting. I don't know if I have the patience to call all the areas in the district every night. It'll be cool though.
Well that's all folks. I'm happy to be here preaching it up. Christ lives and his gospel is here! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Ashton, I prayed this whole week for your whole teaching deal, so expect some blessings. That's sweet that Landon's an Elder now. Landon have fun preparing for freaking college! It's a blast. Easton be good. Love you.
Elder Dallin Stephen Carroll

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