Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The newest District Leader

September 9, 2013

Alright fam.  I'm going to write this thing at the speed of light because we just got back from transfers and the lan house is about to close.

So this week was a little weird but I liked it. I was making sure that everything was ready in my mind to get a new companion and take care of the area all by myself when Doyel left. 
So the week started off strong and we were teaching a lot as usual because we're bosses. I went to this English class in the city to go talk to the students in English. It was cool. The place is called "the people".  There's a dude named Davi in our ward that goes there and said that the teacher would love it if I went there and talked just normally. So it started out with a bunch of predictable questions about culture here and there and how I learned Portuguese, blah blah.... and then the teacher wanted me to teach one of the lessons that we leave with the people every day. So I decided to talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was sweet. I was speaking in 2 languages at once. But the thing was that I was more fluent in Portuguese than in English. I would say something in English and then translate it to Portuguese. The spirit was felt. Then they asked me to sing because I told them that that's what I liked to do. I sang this David Ryan Harris song and the national anthem. They loved it. At the end we got some addresses and pronto.
So we started teaching this new guy named Rock. Erasmo has this sister named Jô who was super closed up when we taught her. Was super committed to not going to church.So we called her a cork cause she was never gonna get baptized. Then we went there the other night and Rock was there, her husband. He's super open to everything and is very baptizable. Sometimes you need a rock to sink a cork. Kind of dumb but true. So that was cool. 
This whole week Doyel was planning on getting his parents from the airport on Friday.  We went to the area that has the airport in it and stayed there for a couple nights. Let me tell you there were so many freaking mosquitoes there it wasn't even funny. I literally got eaten alive in my sleep. I even got bit on my eyelid which isn't very cool. We went to the airport Saturday morning and got Doyel's parents. It was super weird. Everyone was crying and hugging and speaking in English. It was weird. I couldn't even speak straight to his parents. It's like English didn't want to come out of my mouth. I said some stuff in Portuguese to them and it was kind of embarrassing. Liked his parents though. They were cool. 
I ended up working in that area for a day and helping the elder out who had his companion go home too. We taught this lady who wanted us to teach her in less than 10 minutes. She even put the timer on her phone. So I accepted the challenge and went for it. I ended up teaching the whole restoration in 10 minutes and softening her up with the spirit at the same time.  I'd like to find out what happens with her but it's not my area so whatever. 
Tranfers were fun today. (When you get a new companion) I saw a lot of Elders that I worked with in Olinda and that was funny. Elder Amaral was there because something weird happened in Aguas Compridas where they closed the area and opened it up again. It was good to see him though and hear about my previous investigators. I also saw Kennedy. Good times. He's training. Then I talked with Felipe on the phone because he wasn't there and he said my Portuguese is perfect, that I don't have an accent. Goal accomplished. Felipe is awesome. Then we caught the bus and now we're here. The life of the missionary is crazzzyyyyy.
Well I love this gospel and Jesus Christ. This work is his! Sorry to hear about Brad. That's terrible. I'll pray for him. Also... good luck in college Landon!! It's a blast. Love you family! Bye!
Elder Dallin Stephen Carroll

 (All photos this week were "yanked" off of a Brazilian facebook page, a friend of Dallin's.  Thanks!!!)

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