Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas in Brazil

December 30, 2013


This week was cool. Not literally but it was good.

Pday was funny. We went to Recife to pick up the Zone's packages without them knowing. We got our sleep in on the bus and got to see some of our friends from the other Zones in the interior. It was a party in the mission office because right when we got there a van arrived with a ton of Christmas packages. From what we saw, the secretaries don't really do anything but mess around. Must be relaxing haha.

Tuesday was our District meeting and we had tons of packages to take to the missionaries. I was taking a shower and I hear a banging on the bathroom door. Freaking Elder Bochi came to our apartment and ruined the surprise. We had sent him to contact a reference from our area that is closer to them than to us, and the guy could only receive people in the morning. So they went and he wasn't there so they paid a visit to our house. Good thing I like Elder Bochi, otherwise I would've got really angry. I guess it made it easier for us when we were late for the meeting and our District leader already knew about the surprise. When we got there late with all the packages the sisters didn't even look surprised. Then we explained that the boxes were for them and they got super excited. It was funny, kind of a delayed reaction. Then we did our secret Santa thing and I got toilet paper and 2 ties.

Christmas was trunky, I mean awesome. The 24th we went to a member's house from the other ward because nobody invited us from our ward... Ineubb´s In-laws. We ate regular Brasilian food, talked, and ate some cake. Just weird when it's not your family. On Christmas day I opened my package and it was awesome! The workout band is being used and the food is getting eaten. Thank you! We had lunch with a member and rushed to the capela(chapel) to talk with our families! It was the best day of my life. It was fun to see you all and actually hear your voices. (Dallin was able to Skype with his family on Christmas Day) Sorry for talking like a weirdo.(Dallin had trouble remembering some English words when he was talking) Haha, I tried. So that was basically the highlight of the last 6 months and there's one more call to make this Mother's Day and then I'm home. After the phone call we ate pizza with Erasmo...banana com brigadeiro. Yum.

This week was great for the work too. The couple who was wanting to get married and baptized, K├ítia and Ezequiel are getting baptized/married the 25th. These people were well prepared by the Lord to receive the gospel. They don't have problems with anything. He stopped drinking right when we started teaching them so they're clean! They gave us white dress shirts(she makes them for a living) and love us. Thanks Dad for the marriage money. They are really grateful and very excited. We went to the Cartorio(marriage place) to get it all paid and set up. The Bishop and Stake President(leaders of the church congregations) are super excited. Just hope I don't get transferred!

We found another family these past 2 weeks. Brainer gave a reference of a family whose mom was baptized 25 years ago but is inactive. Her kids are super legit. Vinicius is 16 and Wiliane is 20(and a girl). Brainer is 25 so we keep joking around that when we baptize her she's his. Every time we go there we invite Brainer to go to his girlfriend's house with us to teach. Good times. They accepted the baptismal challenge and will get baptized when they receive answers to their prayers. It's in God's hands now. But they are some cool people, and will be great members. We joke around with them as if we've been friends for years.

Love you all!!! Happy New year!!! I love you and am always praying for our family!

Elder Dallin Stephen Carroll

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