Friday, January 17, 2014

Transferred Again

January 13, 2014

So I was transferred...

I was feeling it and I was wanting to leave but at the same time I wanted to stay to see the marriage of our investigators. It was good being in the interior. I think I forgot how to sweat.. haha. I was transferred back to Recife in Boa Viagem. I'm a Zone Leader and I'm opening an area. The zone has 18 missionaries and a lot of sisters too.(Nothing I'm not used to)... My companion's name is W. Ferreira. It's not the other Ferreira(my trainer). The transfer was funny. My companion was the first name to be called.  They said he was going open an area and I felt like I was going to be his companion and I was!  It was weird. The elders who were there did some type of fubecagem and the area closed and reopened with us. They left 6 baptisms for us too! Yes! Bishop Lucas was there from Aguas Compridas too. It was fun talking to him and finally understanding everything he was saying. And I was speaking like a pro. There were a lot of missionaries transferred from Caruaru so that zone will be different. I said goodbye to all the people who matter like Brainer, his mom, our couple we were going to marry.... it was fun in Caruaru and difficult but now I'm back in baptism territory.

This week as far as work goes was kind of bland. I think it was because we felt the transfer coming and it was just weird. We met some funny people, mainly just old guys who never stop talking. We talked to this one dude, Ramos, really old who wanted us to stop by to pay a visit. The dude talks a lot. We entered in his house and he just started telling a story without end. We were trying to teach him but it wasn't working out. He was just talking so much, so we were tag teaming him to try to keep our cool. We invited him to be baptized and he said he would go to church to find out. Didn't go.

The crack-head didn't want us to visit him anymore because he was "confused and didn't know what he was capable of doing."  We left it at that.

Also we found this guy named He-man(Edivaldo) who is an inactive member. His nickname is He-man because he's huge. We found him through one of our investigators. He had read the Book of Mormon four times and he moved to Caruaru from Recife and didn't like the people at church there so he went inactive. He is a cool guy and we talked about his past and I sang count your blessings because that is one of the hymns he remembered after years of inactivity. He liked it a lot and I think it reminded him of the blessings he's missing by not going to church with his family. He has 2 kids and a wife. The spirit was felt and he knows what he has to do.

We went and visited Cilene and Brainer for the last time.  She gave us stuff to eat and said she was going to miss me. I said I was going to come back with my parents. She said I could baptize her in November when you all are here so we'll see. It's an ongoing thing with her. 

The married couple is sad I'm leaving but they were expecting it too. It will be cool to see the photos of the wedding. I feel like I left that area better than I got it so that's good, didn't baptize anyone though. 

I love this gospel and will never abandon it. It's just not something that's deniable. Even though it's hard being a missionary sometimes, my testimony of the work doesn't shrink a bit when I'm having a hard time. Christ lives and is our Savior and through his grace we can do great things.

Love you family!
Elder Dallin Stephen Carroll

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