Sunday, February 23, 2014

It Happens

Dallin's Mom found this picture on another Elder's blog that is serving in Recife.  It's from almost a year ago.

February 17, 2014

Hello family and friends!

Not much happened this week so this letter is going to be a little shorter.

This week we started out with visiting the furthest district's district meeting because they were struggling last week. We got super lost on the way there. We left early from our house to get there on time. When we got to the bus stop we started asking the people how to get to the place we wanted to go. The sisters told us that we could take a few different buses to get there. They also told us to get off at a certain hospital.  Every time we would try to take a bus they recommended, the bus driver would say that it wouldn't pass the hospital.  We tried it with a ton of different buses and everyone said the same thing.  After about 40 minutes of this we grabbed a bus we thought would go there and asked if it would pass the hospital. They said yeah but we ended up passing the hospital by a long shot because the driver didn't warn us like he said he would. We had to walk a ton from there and we still had to find the chapel.  It took super long to find it. We ended up being an hour late. Talk about being an example for the other missionaries haha. I don't think it was our fault but the meeting was great. Seems like the missionaries are united. One companionship of sisters baptized three people this week, one marriage and a lady who was taking a long time to baptize because she wanted to make a white dress to be baptized in. We were the only Zone to reach the weekly baptism goal.

We knocked a ton of doors this week and didn't really find anyone worth teaching. It happens. We would try to mark another time with the people that were busy, mark, and then when we went back, they weren't home again. It happens. We also kicked a few people out of our teaching group. There was one guy who sent his brother to the door to tell us that he wasn't home. We believed him and left. We passed his house like 5 minutes after that and he was there in the front in his pajamas... which means he was definitely home. It happens.

Victor is going super strong. We are really hitting it hard on his baptismal preparation. He always has a ton of questions for us when we teach a commandment, or a new principle. It's super cool because he accepts everything. The prayers that he says are always super strong and have a ton of feeling. We are really proud of him and the progress he's made. He always thanks God for sending the Elders. It's great to hear that. This Sunday will be his baptism. We're teaching his mom too. She is really excited that Victor believes in God now and said that his behavior has changed a lot. She wants to get to know the Church before committing to anything. But she's pretty open to the newness of the message of the Restoration. Looks like there could be a problem with the word of wisdom with her. We can fix that.

We did a service project this week! There's a guy in the ward who is making his house bigger so we were working on the trails in the walls where the pipes/wires were going to go. Everything here is just bricks and cement so we literally had to chisel lines in the walls for the wipes and wires to go. I think my hand is still swollen from all the hammering. They paid us with coconuts. I think I've developed an addiction to coconut water. It's the best thing ever when we're walking and it's super hot.

Remember that lady that we reactivated? Well now we're trying to teach her mom. She had a family night at her house with the people who sent us there(without her knowing). They wanted me to sing so I did and then Ferreira gave a message about 3 Nephi 11. The Spirit was super strong and everyone was crying because he just has a way with his words. Then they wanted me to sing again. I sang "Assombro Me Causa"(translation I don't know). It was a great meeting, and it was very intimate too. I was thinking afterwards when we left how amazing it is that we can have a super spiritual experience in a tiny house with a ton of people, while the rest of the world is doing the things it's doing. It was just cool. There's no way that Christ is not our Savior.

Well I think that's it for this week. Next week is transfers so we'll see if I go or stay. We're thinking that we'll both stay, but you never know. That's crazy that Landon is leaving today... I was praying the whole week that he would have a great week in the CTM but he didn't even go. Hahaha. But the Provo MTC is sweet. You will have fun there because you can play basketball every day and there are more missionaries there. And you get to hear talks from General Authorities. So don't be bummed that you're not going to Mexico! Love you all and hope this week is a great one.

Elder Dallin Stephen Carroll

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