Monday, February 10, 2014

Tough But Great Week

 February 10, 2014

This week was tough but great.

Pday.... Nothing.

So our meeting on Tuesday was great.  Elder Ferreira and I prepared the training on pday and it took a while because we were trying to think of what we would talk about, what the zone needed, and what would help everyone.  We started to think about these things and realized that the zone could improve in a lot of different aspects, because everyone is different.  We looked in Preach My Gospel and were inspired to talk about the Attributes of Jesus Christ. Because if we have all these characteristics we will be perfect missionaries, and above everything else, perfect children of God.  In the meeting we talked about every topic, sharing personal experiences and things we could do to improve. We felt that everyone really liked it and that the zone was united. It was just something that was missing that needed to be fixed because the 2 Zone Leaders and 2 District Leaders went away and the excitement just died. I think the sisters have a hard time with adapting to new leadership.

We had a miracle happen this week that was just awesome. The young man that we baptized last week, Luan, brought his cousin to church to see his baptism. That Saturday his primo (cousin), Victor told us that he was atheist and didn't really like church stuff. Kind of a shy kid who doesn't have many friends. During sacrament we marked a visit with him and thought he wouldn't really progress. That Wednesday we marked a visit with him in the church. He arrived there with Luan and we grabbed a room to teach him in. Our plan was to teach the Restoration like always but right when we got in the room he started spilling all his feelings out. "I never believed in Deus (God) because I never got to know the word, and I really just have something to tell you guys. Right when I walked in the church I felt something different and grew to know that God exists, and I would like to learn more about him....".... WOW. At first we didn't know what to say. Super surprising and awesome. WE started out with a prayer and we taught him how the prayer words. How it doesn't have to be something recited or memorized. He was just eating up every word we said. Then after the prayer we started talking about who God is and what he means. We had no plans of teaching a certain lesson but the Plan of Salvation just screamed at us. We taught it and he said he felt way relieved after. He told us he was dying to talk to us from Sunday to Wednesday and just really wanted to learn and erase his doubts about God. Every time we gave a pause during the lesson he would say, "Nossa, é um sentimento incrível." (Wow! That's an incredible feeling!) Luan got really emotional too. It's great to see someone being taught by the spirit and learning the truth. This week has been great with him. Another day we taught him about the Restoration and told him he felt the Spirit because he was in the real Church of Jesus Christ. He got even more happy after he knew he was in the right place. Throughout the week he told us how happy his Mom is that he believes in God now and will get baptized on the 23rd. His disposition and way of talking to people completely changed and he's more open and has more light about him. The Bishop had a family night with all the recent converts(youth) and some youth. Talked about attributes of Christ. When we talked about love, V talked about the love that he felt from everyone in the church when he went. His baptism is gonna be sweet. We really like him. 
There's another kid we are teaching named Joseano. He just moved here from the interior to try to find work. He's 19 years old and is just an innocent short, little dude with a huge smile. His friend is the cousin of a member here and right when they arrived we got the referral. The cousin is a member. Joseano is progressing a lot. He really pays attention and does the stuff we leave him with. He knows it's true and is willing to change. He went to church and really liked it. He said there are good people there and it's really peaceful. We marked him for the 23rd too. He's got a thing with coffee but it's fixable. He's having a hard time with finding work and we promised him that if he followed God, that he would be blessed. He's one of the few people who have faith in this. He said that slowly but surely his dream is coming true.

This past week has started the rain season. It's been raining all day every day and the parking lot in front of our apartment is completely flooded. We had to use rain boots that were left in our house from other missionaries to just get out of the apartment complex.  It was an adventure and we went to church with huge rainboots on. The members laughed but thought it was very practical. Because it was!  President passed by our house to give us an iron and said right away that we should look for another house. He was worried about us. 

Well I think I'll close it up. I'll write a dedicatory paragraph for my bro who's about to leave (on a mission). Trust in the Lord. This week is gonna be the second hardest of your life.(Most difficult is the first week in the field.) But pray a lot and just go with the flow. Don't try too hard, cause if you do you'll explode. Just flow with the punches and LAUGH. If you don't laugh you're done for. But you're in for a bunch of changes in your behavior that you'll have to get used to. Just follow the rules and make friends with the other Elders. And even sisters! Sisters are cool. Pray all the time so you can have the Spirit with you helping you to learn. Love you Bro. Give them heaven.

Love you fam!
Elder Dallin Stephen Carroll

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  1. that picture is one of my favorites! love the boots