Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Whole Family Baptized and a New Companion

June 23, 2014

Alrighty then, I'm super pressed for time so I'm gonna write this one really quick. Sorry for not sending pics. All the good computer places were closed. Today is São João(holiday of corn roughly translated) and everyone in the street is going to get plastered today so we have to get home at 3:00.

Transfers happened to say and I'm sad to say that I had to say goodbye to my beloved companion, Elder W. Ferreira. We spent 6 months together and had a lot of success. A LOT. Now he's companions with Elder Pereira, my comp from Maurício de Nassau. It was cool because Bishop Gustavo called President Lanias last night saying that the work we've been doing is incredible and that he didn't want either one of us to leave.  It was great to hear that we're being a help to the Bishop and not a burden. My new companion is Elder Varela. He's from Curtitiba and has 2 transfers left. I had already met him and talked with him a lot in the mission office because we were both Zone Leaders.

The wedding was a success!!!! Everything went perfect even though beforehand it looked like everything was against us..... We had to find 4 witnesses and get all their information: SSS, profession, full name, everything. Then we had to make a document for them to sign which took forever to make because the wedding place is picky. Then we had to interview them but both of the District Leaders were busy so the Bishop had to do it. Then we had to put the chapel together and clean it up after church. It was just crazy. It felt like we were hurrying for 2 days straight. And it was rough because we had to talk to the missionaries from the Zone about their areas too. My brain was just fried. Everything was put together on Sunday right before the wedding. But it was organized. You can be sure of that. We were worried about how many people were going to show up. So during Sacrament meeting we invited everyone individually. I think there were like 70-80 people there. The wedding started at 5 but everyone showed up at like 5:20.  Flávio showed up first with the cake and had to wait about an hour for Edinete to get there. When she arrived it was sweet. Everyone was already there in the pews waiting and she entered with Maria Eduarda(her daughter). After the ceremony there were tons of photos. Everyone was super happy and proud. The couple made a lot of friends in the ward so it really was really special. After all the congratulating, We did the baptism. It was perfect. I baptized her and Ferreira baptized him. She wanted me to sing Come Follow Me, the same song I sang in their daughters´ baptism. The ceremony was a success and the night was a great victory. We finally completed the family. It was a sense of realization and satisfaction after the baptism that was just amazing. WE DID IT! It took 5 months to baptize the whole family. I think the Lord wanted us to work for this one, it was worth it and was something that we will never forget. The family was incredibly happy and Edinete was crying pretty much the whole time. It was great to see the ward get together to make something nice for a new family in the ward. I think it excited them a bit and the work will be smooth from here on out. The Gospel is really the only source of true happiness. It is the only thing that can truly unite the family.

Today President Lanius was transferred and he gave his last speech. He said the Gospel is the only constant thing he's ever found in this world. That's saying a lot because he's a very intelligent, successful man. But it's true, the gospel is perfect.

Sorry for not sending pictures. Next seek for sure. I love you all and hope this week is good!
Elder Dallin Stephen Carroll

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