Sunday, June 1, 2014

Serving Others is a Pleasure

This is an old picture that Dallin's Mom found on Facebook again.  I love those little surprises that pop up randomly when you're not expecting it

May 26, 2014

This week was cool.

The area is getting smaller and smaller as we knock on all the doors in sight. It's a little bit discouraging when you have to actually look for doors to knock on. But we do what we can and either way we try to talk to all of God's children whether they're polite or not(it's hard to find someone who is polite haha). It's really cool when we mark an appointment with someone and when we go back after a few days the people aren't home, or they have a "headache", or they just straight up don't want to hear about God.  We were a little disappointed one day because we were having little success and we saw this little old lady sitting on some steps in front of a house that wasn't hers.  It was a pitiful sight, but something normal that we always see here.  We kind of just ignored her and talked with a few people close by.  But I think we both felt an impression that we should ask her if she needed help with something(she had a bunch of grocery bags. Let me just tell you that she was super old.  My companion asked, "Is there anything the missionaries can do for you mam?"  And she just lit up.  "Ohhhhh my God.  My God is so good, he is so great. I was sitting here praying just waiting for someone to pass by to help me get to my house with this stuff. Ohhh God is so marvelous...Thank you so much!"  It was awesome. She was so thankful. We helped her to her house which was pretty far away. I held her hand to make sure she didn't fall in the mud(There is a ton here.) Even we trip over stuff in the street sometimes and I think I've fallen twice in this area haha. She was so grateful and said we were angels sent from the Lord.  It was a feeling I will never forget. We were smiling the whole time. It's a pleasure serving the children of God.

This week WE BAPTIZED. Monaliza and Katiuce who are Flavio and Edinete´s daughters. We really wanted the baptism to be special so that their parents could get more excited about the gospel. So we called all the leaders from the ward that would be involved with the baptism. Bishop. Primary president, Young Women President, and our LMA Nielson. We called a week in advance so that they could prepare everything for Sunday night. When Sunday rolled around the Bishop's counselor announced the baptism so everyone was aware. But when it was 6:00(time of the baptism) nobody showed up. Just Edinete and family. It was so awkward and we were super angry. We started calling people frantically and found out that everyone was at the Stake center singing in the Stake choir..... What the heck! So everyone showed up at like 6:40 and we were just scrambling to set everything up. It was frustrating but it happened. And the family had to wait.  It was terrible.  But we got it done and it turned out being a special baptism with music and talks and food.  I even sang a hymn and my companion and I gave a couple of talks.  The family cried and all the members were supporting them. They felt loved for sure.   Edinete thanked everyone openly for taking care of their daughters.  Flavio was touched too(which is hard to do).  Baptising someone you work really hard to get there is amazing.  It's the reward at the end of the effort that's put forth.  Now we just have to baptize the parents!  It will be an eternal family. We'll have to wait for September to baptize them after their wedding.  It'll be the grand prize.

Well I'm out of time.  Love y'all.  Love this work,  Love the Lord.

Elder Dallin Stephen Carroll

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