Monday, June 2, 2014

There's a Wedding to Plan

June 2, 2014

Hello my dear family and friends. 

As I sit here in this humble, dirty computer place, I am pleased to write to you all that WE WILL MARRY FLAVIO AND EDINETE THIS MONTH. June 22 will be the magical day with a wedding and two baptisms. Y'all have no idea how hard we've worked to just get Flavio to accept a date.  It was like pulling teeth over and over and over again.  Talk about a painful process.  Just to let y'all know how the process was, we visited them with a returned sister missionary (they have special powers), the Bishop and his wife, and I went with one of the Assistants (right after we had a huge heated bible bash with a Jehovahs Witness... so we needed to speak with someone nice), and our District Leader talked with them too! And every time it was just, "uhhh we'll talk about it later.." When we baptized their daughters last week is when we really started to see a change in Flavio.  He really just started to open up and become more bendable. When we went on a division with the Assistants I let Elder Gustavo take a whack at it with Flavio to see if he could pull something out of him.  We talked about eternal families and testified with power. We could tell that he was really thinking and really just putting everything together in his mind. We mentioned that maybe we wouldn't be here to see the wedding if we put it off any longer. We've really established a strong relationship with this family and they trust us a lot. Flavio wants the wedding to be organized and planned out and we told him that it would be. We told him that the people in the ward really care about them and will make the wedding really special for them. He said he would think about it.

A few days later on Sunday Flavio went to church after not going for about 3 months. It was a success and he looked really excited to be there. We just felt like everything was falling into place. We went to their house after church to just throw it down. Now was the time. We got there and were conversing and laughing and playing with their daughters so the atmosphere was perfect to bring up the subject.  I just asked straight up,  "So did y'all decide yet??"...."Uhhhh no, not yet, but we've been talking about it..."......"Alrighty then, let's plan it out!"  We just went to town.  We chose a date and Flavio agreed, YES. VICTORY!  Edinete was just dying of happiness. She wouldn't stop smiling. So we're gonna cut it close. We're going to baptize/marry them on the 22nd of June. And one of us will be transferred on the 23rd. At least that's what we think because the Assistants told us that President was thinking about letting us die/finish our missions here. And we said no, if we die here we will have passed 1 year in the same area. That's too much time. I think President thinks we've been on the mission for way longer than we have been. Anyways. We're going to have to chase everything down to make this marriage happen. If I have to spend a whole day in the Cartorio I'll do it. WE'RE GOING TO COMPLETE A FAMILY. AND THEY WANT TO GET SEALED IN THE TEMPLE. Do you realize what this means?????  Wow. I think I could end my mission right after the wedding and I would be satisfied. haha.  Just kidding. But seriously, this is BIG. We called the Bishop while we were at their house and he answered the call while he was in the ward council meeting.  It was perfect. Everybody found out right then about the wedding. 
Man. What a week. So I want you all to pray that everything runs smoothly with the wedding. Satan is out to get the good people who want to chose the right so they need all the heavenly power they can get. I want you all to know that this Gospel is the truth and y'all are in the right place. Christ lives and is ready to relieve us of our burdens when we come unto him.  His grace is enough to strengthen us in times of weakness.

Love you all!
Elder Dallin Stephen Carroll

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