Thursday, December 27, 2012

All Is Well in Brazil

December 11, 2012
Hello family!
Everything is going well here in BRAZIL.  I still kind of can't believe I'm in a diferent continent or country. It's way hot here, like Georgia in the summer. But, I'm getting used to it. I had a fever on Sunday and got a priesthood blessing that day to remove it and it was gone the next day. Pretty wild. It strengthened my testimony of the priesthood for sure. My temperature was about 102.
The food here is good but it's like the same thing everyday. They have a lot of fruit that I haven't tried, like guava. We were sitting with the Brazilians at lunch and they were laughing so hard because I was trying to eat just the pink part. Apparently you eat the whole thing. It's funny talking to the brazilians. They all know a little bit of english but, not from school. They just learn it from videogames and shows from America. It's hilarious.
It's good to hear that I'll be able to sleep in a queen bed when i get back... cough... it better happen. You need to figure out how to use that mission ties thing. Its basically like dear elder. I don't really have time to explain it.
I'm in a trio companionship. Its legit. We're all good friends already and don't really hate each other. My teachers are both native brazilians. One is a long, lanky dark guy who is hilarious. He never stops smiling, you gotta love him. He teaches us a lot of slang. My other teacher is this short dark sister. She never smiles or laughs. You know you say or do something hilarious when you even get a chuckle out of her. My language is coming a long. It's a lot to learn in such a short period of time. I'm really focusing on how to conjugate my verbs and learn new vocabulary. It's tough. We went out on the street today cause we are allowed to on P Day.  We tried talking to this guy and had no idea what he was saying. It makes me feel dumb because all I do is study Portuguese all day and I can't understand squat when I try to apply what I've learned. If you haven't noticed I'm not too worried about grammar or punctuation because I have little time to write.
I just started wearing my other Eccos with the longer toes than the other ones that were killing my feet. They're awesome. I'm trying to sell the other pair. Um what else? We live on the 4th floor of the CTM and we can see the skyline of Sao Paulo pretty well. It's awesome. There's a guy that blows a pteridactile whistle that walks by every night without fail. It's ridiculous. Elders throw apples at him I've heard. iIwant to try to send a package for Christmas but I don't know how much it will cost. I want to send Brazil stuff.  I don't know, we'll see. The city is so dirty. It makes me know how lucky I am to be from where I'm from. Suwanee is the bomb but, this is a sweet experience for sure! I'm glad im here. I love you all and can't wait to receive the next email. I'll send ya'll some letters today too through the missionaryties thing. Love you! Bye!!!
Elder Dallin Carroll

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