Thursday, December 27, 2012

Growing in the Gospel

November 26, 2012

Hello Family,
I sent an email to Dad for the whole family so I hope ya’ll got that.  It’s Sunday.  On Sundays we basically just “relax”. We have priesthood meeting in the morning, Sacrament after that and then devotional after that.  But, of course there are a few meals and study times dispersed throughout.  Today I’ve really been trying to strengthen my testimony.  I’ve tried to soak up everything and process it so that I can become stronger in the gospel.  Sometimes I feel like I think too hard on it though.  I need to read my scriptures more.  I want to have a solid base of knowledge on every principle of the gospel so that I can teach investigators what I know. 

We watched the Joseph Smith movie after devotional.  It amazes me how much Joseph Smith sacrificed to bring forth the gospel.  He never looked back on what he knew to be true no matter how fierce the opposition.  It makes me realize how awesome the gospel is and how precious.  We are truly blessed.
We had a temple walk, just like all Sundays and we took a bunch of pictures that I will try to send to you.
I received Mom’s email.  I’m glad to hear Thanksgiving was a success. 
Landon: How’s Basketball going?  So your coach is weird?  Are you getting better?  How are the shoes?  I’ve been playing basketball almost everyday.  People are surprised at how I can jump.  I get like every rebound…but my shot is terrible.  I just have to drive all the time.  Did you tell our friends to write me?  Haven’t received any friend letters yet.  Oh, and you have to let me know what’s going on in sports!  NFL, NBA, College football…
Easton: How’s basketball for you?  Do you like your team?  Coach?  How are the Nikes working out?  Just remember to be aggressive and fast.  And pass the ball.  If you’re not a ballhog, then your teammates will pass to you as well!
Still haven’t received a letter from Ashton yet.  I guess she’s busy….SIKE!  Tell her to write me.  Also, I would love to hear from Brandon as well…any advice from him would be cool to have since he also went to Brazil.
Dad:  Thank you for all the advice.  It really puts everything into perspective.  The language is coming slowly but surely.  I like how you talked to yourself in Spanish while on your mission and your companion thought you were talking to him.  That happens to me too, just in class.  I’m like the only one who repeatedly tries to pronounce a word in my class.  People laugh but, who cares?  I’m glad I am out here.  It’s tough sometimes but, I know it’s where I’m supposed to be.  It’s just a lot to take in at one time so sometimes I get overwhelmed.  I just always have investigators in mind.  If I fail, I fail them.  I think the Clarks (shoes) are coming in tomorrow so I’ll let you know how those are.
Mom:  I haven’t received a package yet but I’m going to just thank you in advance for that!  You said you had one on the way or something.  You’re the best mom!  It sounds like everyone is sick over there.  Hope you all feel better.  It’s a challenge staying healthy here…in every sense of the word.  Today in devotional everyone around me was coughing.  I felt like I was next.  I wash my hands a lot now though and I drink Airborne every morning no matter what.  It seems to help.
I can’t wait to receive everybody’s next letters!  Letters are gold here.  I love you all.
Love you!
Elder Dallin Carroll

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