Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Letter from Brazil

Dec. 10, 2012

Hello Family,
I am currently residing in the Sao Paulo MTC.  It’s hot and humid here.  It’s way better than Provo because it’s more relaxed and it has better, more authentic food.  I also got a new companion.

The city here is huge, miles and miles on end.  We walked through the city where we’re allowed to go on P-Days.  It was a bit of a culture shock.  The cars and people don’t watch where they are going.  They just go.  I feel dumb trying to understand people but I know I shouldn’t.

I’ve come to realize that the particular pants I’m wearing don’t breathe.  It’s like I’m wearing plastic!  There’s a cookie place across the street where I can email.  They have a program kind of like but it’s not free.  They apparently have options where you can send me stuff through them, but they gather the stuff here and give it to me.  It sounds pointless because I have money and PDays.  My shoes are doing alright.  I’m in a trio companionship.  One kid is from Utah and one from California.  The kid from Utah ran the 400 at Utah State so he’s healthy and works out like me, should be nice.  He’s been in my district from the beginning. 
Everything is good.  I’m exhausted because of that long flight and I think I’m coming down with something.  I think I can just sleep it off though.  We have more free time here so far.  There’s snack time at night which is awesome.  For dinner I ate Banana Nutella pizza.  It was amazing.  There was this strawberry/chocolate flan, delicious.  If you want to send me a package you have to send it to the mission home in Recife.  I’ll be able to get it there in 6 weeks.  I love you all.  I’m doing well and I’m excited.  Bye!


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