Thursday, December 27, 2012

Things Are Looking Better

November 17, 2012

Hey again!
It’s the second letter in two days.  I must be homesick….but I just really need letters right now.  I feel like I am completely cut off from the world.  Even though it’s only been a few days, I woke up really stressed for no reason and just really wanted to hear from someone.  If you could get me some addresses of people I could write to, I would love that!  I guess you could get Landon to collect our friends’ addresses.  I have figured out that I need snacks, healthy snacks por favor.  Oh, and earplugs.  My companion is pretty loud. 
Dear (a mail service) is awesome.  You can type me a letter on and I will get it that day.  Make sure you advertise that on Facebook.  I need Ashton’s address or just a letter from her.  The same goes for all friends and brothers!!!  Either get them to send me letters or get their addresses if they don’t want to write me because they don’t have time.
The language is coming along slowly but surely.  The pronunciation is weird in Portuguese because sometimes “D” is pronounced like a “J” and sometimes it is normal.  My high school Spanish keeps making me confused because it is similar but a little different.
I’ve really been trying to get the spirit to help me learn Portuguese by praying and asking for it.  It definitely helps keep me relaxed and it keeps my thoughts clear.  When are the family pictures going to be developed?  I want one.

My shoes are breaking in gradually.  It’s making me nervous because I don’t want to be walking in Brazil for miles with tight shoes. 
One of the Elders in my district said his sister told him the Visas are stuck in New York because of Hurricane Sandy.  Our Teacher said if we don’t know by now that we’re leaving (for the Brazil MTC), then it’s not going to happen within the next week.  I think we are here for a reason.

I miss working out.  I think my muscles are slowly deteriorating.  Food is just being stored as fat because I can’t work it off.  I guess it’s ok because I’m still healthy.  
We haven’t had any super spiritual experiences yet but I know they’ll come soon because we have church on Sunday and devotional on Tuesday.

I love you all and I miss you.  I use my hangers, Mom.  I thought that would make you happy.  Ok, I’m going to try to send this today but I don’t know when the mail closes on Saturdays.
Dallin Carroll

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